Roland R-880:

A great reverb! But due to it's age,it needs some love. I hope to offer the famous presets in the future for free. Please don't forget to change your memory battery of your memorycards:CR2016 price is like 1€50.

If you have some info that could be added, please let me know here .

Stop the high-pitch whine of the GC-8

mount transformer on a cablemount with double sided soft tape. This will prevent the pcb to act like a soundboard.

Usefull downloads



MRAM Card Manual.


digital: spdif aes ebu

R-880 digital connections.

eproms and rom

Roland R880 eproms.

Roland GC-8 System Card for R-880

How to connect to AES/EBU

spdif AES/EBU.

Dark display on GC-8

look at

and at

In need of some memory cards

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