Desert Island Studio

our expertise to serve your sound

We realize just how special recording is to you. We try to give it our all to make it as care-free for you as possible so you can focus on the creative aspect and feel comfortable in our studio whether you are recording a full album, doing voice-overs or creating a fantastic demo. At your disposal, we have a closet full of beautiful microphones, some classic amps, stacks of vintage synths and organs and a grand piano all waiting to capture your sound.

We also offer you different mixing solutions adjusted to your needs and budget. We can mix your song(s) completely or we could become partners in the co-mixing process. That means that you can take care of the mixing yourself but ask for a helping hand if you need it. You might get stuck on the mixing of a certain track or maybe you don’t get the sound of the drums or vocals just how you would like it. Maybe you would like to run your mix through some of the amazing analogue gear we have. Anything is possible.